7 Reasons to Attend the 2017 AGM

The Canadian Fluid Power Association is holding their 2017 Annual General Meeting at the Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville, Ontario. Because rooms are still available at the hotel, the CFPA is extending the deadline for registration, so it’s not too late to get in on one of the best business-social events in the industry. Here are the top 7 reasons you should attend:

1. The opening day golf tournament. Although the event only starts in the afternoon on Wednesday, May 31, many attendees arrive Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. These lucky ladies and gentlemen will have the pleasure of experiencing one of Ontario’s best golf courses, within the Deerhurst compound itself. 

2. The best keynote speakers in our industry. The topics are as varied as the presenters, and there will be something for everyone. From the power of social media, to economics and then Industry 4.0, we cover the gambit. Sprinkle in some business leadership topics, and you have a complete range of presenters any fluid power leader will find value. 

3. Mixology lessons. Yes, it’s that kind of mixology. As an industry leader, we know you work hard and play hard. Not only will you learn to impress colleagues with a mojito at your next business dinner, the mixology event itself is a prime opportunity to network with industry peers. 

4. Beach bonfire. With cocktails. Enough said. 

5. Private gourmet dinners for all attendees. You can imagine a sophisticated venue such as Deerhurst Resort will make an impression on your taste buds, and such an imagination will be rewarded with reality. On both Wednesday and Thursday of your stay, you will experience multi-course fine dining second-to-none. Even if this was the one and only reason to attend, the meals would justify your attendance.

6. Your spouse is both welcome and encouraged to attend. Although the meetings themselves are exclusive to members of the association, your significant other will get to enjoy all the planned social activities, plus their very own spouse-only activities to keep them busy during daytime meetings. So ship the kids off to their grandparents and book the room right through to Sunday, since Deerhurst is the perfect couples retreat.

7. Schmoozing with all the top executives, managers and leaders in the Canadian Fluid Power industry. The association itself represents all the top manufacturers and distributors in the industry, and if you consider yourself in the same league, show up and prove it. 

  The CFPA’s AGM never disappoints, and I personally guarantee you’ll grow yourself, your company and your team just by representing your company at this event. If that’s not enough, I’ll give you reason number 7.1 to attend our AGM; all new companies who attend for the first time will receive an exclusive CFPA pullover sweater. Follow this link to register 

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