The International Fluid Power Society provides training and certification for nearly every facet of fluid power expertise, and they have the educational resources to prepare students and employees for their certification exams. The certifications achieved give employers and customers the peace of mind knowing the person whom achieved the qualification has a minimum level of education and understanding in the sub-field of fluid power spelled on the certificate.

IFPS provides certifications for mechanics, technicians, designers and engineers in the sub-fields of industrial hydraulics, mobile hydraulics, pneumatics and electronics, to name a few. One can achieve a certification of Certified Fluid Power Mobile Hydraulic Mechanic (CFPMHM), but if the similar certifications are achieved in pneumatics and industrial hydraulics, one will receive the Certified Fluid Power Master Mechanic (CFPMM) designation. The number of certifications is too vast to list here, but you can find more details below;

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