Canadian Fluid Power Digital Badges

Canadian Fluid Power Association Digital Badges

CFPA Certification helps you build credibility and confidence by validating your skills with industry-recognized credentials. Designed by the Canadian Fluid Power Association and Centennial College, these micro-credential courses provide the skills-based training and knowledge required to be successful in our industry. 

We provide digital badges as a benefit of earning CFPA Certification to showcase your certification status and validate your skills.

What is a Digital Badge?

A digital badge is an image linked to metadata that displays details of the training achieved. This data is verified electronically and provides others with proof that you have the achieved the knowledge and skills that meet the Canadian Fluid Power Association standards. 

These programs will help you expand your career and enhance your Fluid Power knowledge base. Members are encouraged to continue their professional development by pursuing Canadian Fluid Power certification.

Benefits for employers:
  • Increase your competitive advantage over other companies.
  • Ensure your team is up to date on the latest technologies.
Benefits for students:
  • Gain confidence, credibility, and proficiency in Fluid Power.
  • Expand your career and enhance your knowledge.
  • Share your accomplishment on LinkedIn, resumes, and in your email signature.
By displaying your digital badge you can provide your customers and employers with proof that you have obtained a level of distinction in Fluid Power that verifies your competence, credibility, and proficiency.

Canadian Fluid Power Online Training Programs

The Canadian Fluid Power Association offers five Fluid Power Micro-Credential courses focused on Hydraulics, Pneumatics, and Electronics. Each program is designed to be completed online or in a hybrid enviornment and provides you with the most up to date training required for success in our industry. These programs will help you expand your career and enhance your fluid power knowledge.

CFPA members receive a significant discount on all micro-credential programs compared to non-members. Learn more and become a member today!

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