Fort McMurray Devastated by Fire

May 8, 2016:

We at the CFPA are horrified by the extent of the damage caused in the recent fires at Fort McMurray, Alberta. One of the worst natural disasters in Canadian history has resulted in the loss of thousands of buildings and houses, leaving dear friends, family and co-workers homeless and in need. Their loss is unconscionable, and no matter our response, we can never imagine loss on this scale. 

Regardless, please do whatever you can to help those affected by this tragety; donate water, clothing, food, time or money in any way you can. At the very least, please donate to the Canadian Red Cross. Every dollar donated by you will be matched by the Alberta and Federal governments. Our hearts and minds are with the families of Fort McMurray, and we hope they can rebuild their lives as soon as possible. 

Please follow this link to donate. 

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