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Are you selling into the Canadian fluid power market or do you intend to in the future?  The Canadian Fluid Power Association (CFPA) is the definitive source for information on the Canadian market. We promote fluid power technology in Canada and provide our members with the knowledge, skills and networking opportunities essential to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment.

Exclusive Market Insights

In these changing times, it is no longer possible to simply compare your market performance with yourself. Many inputs are required to understand the market drivers taking place across the country. Our market reports are an invaluable way to allow your company to make better strategic decisions by being aware of how your business is doing compared to the overall industry. This is also important information when supporting your company’s performance with head office

How does your business compare? Getting a real-time “gut check” on the market is a great way to assess if your company’s expectations are reasonable and justifiable to make the best strategic decisions possible. We are able to provide data on issues such as how members are reacting and coping with the current pandemic to ensure you have the insight necessary to sustain a competitive edge.

Make the Right Connections to Build New Relationships

Networking with manufacturers and distributors from across the country is the best way to form new relationships and promote your company to industry leaders. Trade shows don’t afford the same ability to sit down in a casual atmosphere, exchange best practices and discuss strategic business issues with senior management teams. Our Annual General Meeting has become the industry standard for listening to an exceptional collection of keynotes from leaders in the fluid power and economic industries. Each Pillar of the Canadian Fluid Power Association is represented by an industry professional with insightful words on leadership, economics, industrial regulations, marketing and education, to name a few. These meetings are also scheduled in scenic areas and spouses are invited to join the fun.

Recruit, Develop, and Retain Key Personnel

All members are experiencing difficulty finding quality candidates. It is essential to know not only national averages for industry compensation but regional variances as well to ensure you are hiring and retaining the best and brightest in the industry.

The CFPA Compensation and Benefits Report is the only Canadian source of this critical insight. We are working with IFPS to provide training, review and testing to our members across the country.

Fluid Power Micro-Credential Courses: Our certification empowers individuals and companies with confidence, credibility, and efficiency. CFPA is working with regional colleges to offer fluid power courses tailored to the specific needs of your staff.

We can help you succeed in this increasingly competitive environment.

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