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The Canadian Fluid Power Association (CFPA) is a non-profit Canadian association of companies committed to finding and delivering value to association members. We promote fluid power technology in Canada and provide our members with the knowledge, skills and networking opportunities essential to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment.

We have been working hard to provide true value for our membership and reconfirm our national identity. Our goal is to have a membership that is strong and involved while keeping it uniquely Canadian. Interested in knowing more? You can always reach us at info@cfpa.ca. Read our latest newsletter here.

CFPA Executive

Caryes Allan

CFPA President

My name is Caryes Allan, and I am the CFPA President. I am also the vice president of Higginson Equipment, a cylinder manufacturer and fluid power distributor in Burlington Ontario. My work experience in the fluid power industry spans over a decade, where my main focus has been finance and human resources.

I am excited to be the new CFPA President, and cherish the opportunity to help guide the association through this period of growth and expansion. I feel women in fluid power executive positions are all too uncommon, so I will take my position seriously to set an example to young women considering STEM careers, or a business occupation in a male-dominated field.

Within the CFPA, I am active in the Region Events, Education and Communications committees, and contribute directly to the Nation and Toronto Fluid Power Challenge Committees. I encourage all of you in the association to sign up for at least one committee so the voice of you and your member company can be heard.

My name is Ted O’Donnell and I work with a fantastic company Bosch Rexroth Canada, where I am the Business Manager for our Mobile Applications business. I look forward to serving the CFPA membership as Vice President of the Association and Chair of the Career Path sub-committee.

Many of us involved with fluid power related industries over the last couple of decades have witnessed the decline of formal fluid power education at our post-secondary educational institutions. This has happened as industry, technology, and the educational institutions themselves evolved and fluid power became a smaller part of the curriculum of other related trade education. We at the CFPA feel that we need to change this trend and bring focus back to the fluid power trade.
We are embarking on a journey wherein we want to bring together industry, education, and government to recognize and acknowledge that fluid power technology needs formal education and a safe, rewarding career path for interested people, young and experienced alike.

I want to help the CFPA support the growth of fluid power in Canada. We can do that better with interested, engaged, and formally educated professionals working in industry to safely support the implementation of fluid power technologies in the machinery of tomorrow. We can develop those professionals better with your help. If you are interested in the development of fluid power and related technologies in Canada, please join us.

Ted O’Donnell

CFPA Vice President

Frank Pirri

CFPA Past-President

My name is Frank Pirri and I am currently the Sales and Product Manager at Flodraulic. I have been involved in the Fluid Power Industry since 1984. Throughout the years I have witnessed many interesting advancements in the industry and am intrigued to see how fluid Power will continue to evolve to meet the challenges of the day and tomorrow.

I was elected as the President of Canadian Fluid Power Association (CFPA) by the Board of Directors and served a two-year term. During my time as President I both strengthened and expanded the ground work already laid down by my predecessors.

The CFPA is currently in a state of welcome growth, we look forward to truly representing the Canadian Fluid Power Industry from Coast to Coast. We encourage all member companies to get involved by joining a committee making sure your voice is heard making the CFPA stronger as a whole.

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