Outreach Committee


  • Connect outside our network to foster development of our industry.
  • Creation of a value-add statement for the industry.
  • Form relationships with key partners to help members be better industry partners.
  • Keep members informed on emerging technologies and regulations.
  • Form reciprocal relationships to help us promote fluid power.
  • Highlight reasons for end users to select fluid power over other technologies.

Outreach initiatives

  • Fill the gap between the industry’s needs and the services they can usually access.
  • Training
  • Regulations – APEGA (and other engineering) regulations
  • Emerging hydraulic technologies to give us an edge over other technologies
  • Connect with people or groups who are important for the industry’s success. Propose reciprocal partnerships involving keynotes, shared advertising, economic data, etc.
  • Other Fluid Power associations: NFPA, IFPS, FPDA
  • Education centers (high schools, trade schools, universities)
  • Engineering associations
  • Research centers (Universities, Engineering departments)
  • Other industry sectors (mining, forestry, food and beverage, automotive, ect)
  • Be a keynote speaker at another association event
  • What are our hooks to get people’s attention?
  • Have our message nailed down so we can gain membership and show value