Our Market Insight report provides excellent trending information on the markets across Canada and will continue to be refined in future years to provide more granular details. The committee is planning on launching a more detailed market report by expanding the reporting categories to include Hydraulic and Pneumatic hoses & Connectors. We continue to expand our survey questions on the Executive Report and welcome any feedback or comments on how to improve any of the reports released by the committee.
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Each year, the committee further develops programs and tools to analyze industry trends, determine industry size & industry segmentation, define markets, develop industry outlooks, and help your company plan its next move.

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Compensation & Benefits Report

The Compensation & Benefits report is the only compensation study specifically targeted at a variety of salaried positions in the fluid power industry. Companies that want to ensure that their compensation program (salary and incentives) is competitive depend on this report as their benchmark. Included are graphical breakdowns, average industry compensation, in addition to multiple benefits benchmarks.