The 2024 Toronto Challenge will again take place as a collaborative effort of the CFPA, the Toronto District School Board and Centennial College, Progress Campus. Both days of the event will be facilitated by Mr. Stephen Rogers of Mechanical Kits Ltd., who has been a prime resource for the CFPA Challenges for many years.

The Workshop Day will be on Wednesday, April 24th and the Challenge Day on Tuesday, May 28th.  This year’s event will be capped at 30 schools.

Members of the media and parents are invited to attend on the Challenge Day.  Directions for the venue and parking will be sent out prior to the event.

2024 Challenge Resources

The list below provides access to the files used by teachers and students at the 2024 Toronto Fluid Power Challenge.  The “Notes” file provides step-by-step instructions for the whole Challenge process.

  1. 2024 Toronto Challenge Scenario
  2. 2024 Notes for Teachers-Facilitators
  3. 2024 Team Registration Form
  4. 2024 Media Consent Form
  5. Fluid Power Fundamentals
  6. Lifter Instructions
  7. Pneumatic Clamp Instructions
  8. Rotating Platform Instructions
  9. Design Process Cube Sides
  10. Design Process Cube Instructions
  11. Design Portfolio Checklist
  12. Design Portfolio Notebook Template
  13. Examples of Good Portfolio Content
  14. Iso-Ortho Views Illustrated
  15. Local Challenge Rubric Short Version
  16. Local Challenge Rubric Detailed
  17. Hints for Overall Success
  18. Hints for Device Design and Construction