Hengli is now a widely recognized benchmarking enterprise in the domestic hydraulic industry. Headquartered in Changzhou, Hengli has founded four hydraulic R&D centers in China, Germany, the United States and Japan, Mexico and ten manufacturing bases worldwide.

After the acquisition of Shanghai Lixin Hydraulics and InLine Hydraulik GmbH, the establishment of a high-precision foundry and a pump & valve factory, Hengli has mastered the key of developing and manufacturing more advanced hydraulic transmission and control components to supply high-pressure cylinders, hydraulic pump valves, motors, precision castings and the complete hydraulic system. Well sold in over 20 countries and regions, the products are widely applied in various fields as mobile machinery, agricultural machinery, industrial engineering, offshore, energy technology, tunnelling boring machine.

Hengli is committed to providing customers with efficient hydraulic technology solutions and products, maintaining strong partnerships with customers, and leading the development of China’s hydraulic industry. Through more scientific solutions, Hengli aims to make more contributions to the sustainable development of society, the construction of green cities and building a better future.

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