We have always had a passion for converting power into motion and this passion is driven by customer care, a thirst for knowledge and a love of innovation.

We combine components such as hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, valves and electronic control units into a single system and create efficient overall solutions thanks to our intelligent blend of hydraulics, electronics and mechanics.

Our aspiration can be summed up by one simple concept: We insure added value for our customers which is tailored to the customer and can be maintained over the long term. Experience, system expertise and the pursuit of perfection form the basis for our joint success.

We power ideas, machines and markets, both today and in the future.

This explains our formula: Turning Power into Motion.

Linde Hydraulics Corp

68 Alder Crescent
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M8W 1C9


Contact: Jim Yetter
Phone: 647-894-4892
Email: jim.yetter@linde-hydraulics.com