For over 50 years Rubberline Products Ltd. has supplied our customers throughout North America with solutions for their ever-changing needs. With a well-trained sales and technical staff we can provide all the support and products necessary to assist our customers with their projects from concept to completion.

The roots of Rubberline Products Ltd. can be traced back as far as 1948 when it was called the Bi-Lateral Fire Hose Company. This company distributed some of the first fire hoses which folded flat for easy storage.

The Industrial Products portion of our company was the first offering we made to our customers. That was followed by the Fluid Power Division in the early 1980s. Now with a total of 5 distribution outlets, each having its own complete inventory, we have an extensive stock at each location to best serve our local customer base. This inventory style allows our Company to provide a vast selection of all products to meet your ever-changing needs.

Rubberline Products Ltd.

81 Bleams Road
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
N2C 2G2

Contact: Gary Meyer
Phone: 519-894-0400