Powered by a team of experienced professionals, we are an end-to-end service and solutions provider continually innovating to serve the Canadian industry from coast to coast.

It all began in 1858 when B.J. Coghlin opened a small blacksmith shop in Montreal, QC. At a time of immense industrial growth, we worked closely with local businesses, helping them to build the Canada we know today.

Along the way, we discovered our passion for shaping Canada’s future, by supporting the industries that move us forward through continuous innovation and unrivalled technical skill and expertise.

Today, that passion has allowed us to service and support an extensive range of industries and core sectors of the Canadian economy including energy and renewables, food and beverage, construction, industrial and commercial, transportation, the oil sands, forestry, oil and gas, metal process, mining and marine.

We are proud to be Canada’s industry experts and leaders.


2200 52nd Avenue
Lachine, Quebec, Canada
H8T 2Y3


Contact: Pierre Martel
Phone: 514-912-0014
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