Since the launch of the Towards Sustainable Mining initiative (TSM) in 2004, MAC has been leading the way in responsible mineral production. Today, as communities, investors and customers continue to raise the bar of expectation, MAC has been focused on working with our members to ensure we meet those expectations.

This presentation will focus on what TSM is and what it has accomplished over the last decade and a half, from world-leading tailings standards to innovative approaches to working with indigenous communities to leading the way in cross-recognition with other leading sustainability standards to reduce the burden on those that have to apply these standards.

CFPA Webinar Series:

"The Toward Sustainable Mining Initiative", December 1
@ 1 ET Host: Ben Chalmers, Senior V-P,
Mining Association of Canada

Canadian Mining Builds International Standard

Members of the CFPA will take away a better understanding of how Canadian mining is building an international standard capable of ensuring the metals and minerals used in their equipment and products are mined to the highest standards. Members will also gain insights into how they can tailor their service offerings to assist their mining customers in meeting the demanding ESG requirements of TSM.

Ben will also introduce members to the Mining Suppliers Trade Association.