Fifty years ago, we started in a small shop in Kitchener, Ontario, selling hydraulic hoses and fittings to local businesses. Our dedication to perseverance and hard work helped us build lasting relationships with both customers and employees, many of whom have been with us for over 20 years.

Today, we have grown from serving our local market to distributors across Canada. Our products are integral to industries like manufacturing, mining, transportation, forestry, agriculture, and construction. We’ve evolved from simply supplying hydraulic products to offering customized fluid conveyance solutions, professional training, and support to major distributors and thousands of their customers.

Our partnership with Danfoss Weatherhead, known for its superior products, has solidified our role as the go-to aftermarket warehouse for premium hydraulic products in Canada. This partnership underscores our commitment to quality, cost-effective pricing, and a vast product inventory.

WHD Canada

Contact: Andy Mccorkell
Phone: 1-877-998-6446